Experience Plus

Open yourself to absorb nature

In order to make our stay in nature truly unique, we designed Experience+. Open yourself to absorb nature with all your senses. Trust us, you won’t regret it. In the end, is there a nicer souvenir to take with you than the experience itself?

A Unique Experience

Specially designed educational programs in which several elements merge into one unique experience of nature. From programs spiced with local gastronomy to those in which the guiding thread is an adventure.

In Nature And With Nature

We designed a very unusual birthday celebration for children. In nature and with nature. The celebrant who chooses to spend his/hers special day with us, we will reward with a small gift of attention that we made ourselves. Let the memory of us last as long as possible! We welcome every arrival with a homemade welcome drink prepared from medicinal, aromatic or spicy herbs that we have grown, harvested and prepared ourselves.

The Diverse Offer of Home-made Food

Many people from Hrib were involved in creating the Experience Plus. Everyone with what they are best at and what they love the most. There are goat products, homemade eggs, liqueurs, jams and juices. Souvenirs made of natural materials such as wood and clay with motifs from nature that you will witness for yourself. To connect the whole story there is food that grew in the fresh mountain air. With Discover Hrib, your taste buds will surely be satisfied! For those who want to walk or hike more, there is an experience of adventure and freedom with the Wild & Free program.

What Does Experience+ Bring?

Discover Hrib

Escape from everyday life in the city, indulge in the authentic smells and tastes of Gorski Kotar with a view of Risnjak and join the workshop Discover Hrib!

Birthdays In Nature

Invite friends from school or kindergarten, get together and learn through play & celebrate your birthday in a unique way with the Birthdays in Nature workshop.

Wild & Free

Join me in an adventure in which we will climb the rocks on which the lynx climbs, drink from the springs from which the wolf drinks.

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We want to make our stay in nature unique

It's good to know!

Strange nature

Prepare for a stay in nature by wearing sturdy footwear for walking through the forest, dressing in layers because the weather in the mountains can easily change and taking enough water with you.

Program Delay

In case of bad weather, the educational program is postponed for the first free term with favourable weather conditions. We recommend that you make an appointment no later than 2 days before arrival.

Content Plus

With prior notice, you can visit the farm OPG Cunar or eat homemade Gorski Kotar lunch at the picnic area OPG Stipko. Our small village Hrib offers everything you need for an unforgettable day!


In order to provide visitors with a complete experience of our workshops, we run programs for families, ie for citizens in three languages: Croatian, Italian and English.

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Available workshops for nature lovers: