Family workshops

It is intended for families with children. The family workshops are designed as a walk along a 2.5 km long forest path at 750 altitudes. The family workshops will introduce you to the biological diversity and cultural heritage of Gorski Kotar through playful interaction.

WORKSHOP: Nature Within

A workshop that adapts its content to the seasons, and is connected with the geological peculiarity of this area, which is why the source of the Kupa river, one of the deepest springs in Croatia, is located here.

What will you learn?

What does it include?

All educational programs are adapted to the age of 3 to 14.
The estimated duration of the family workshop is 3 hours.

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WORKSHOP: Traces of wilderness

The presence of large carnivores, bears, wolves and lynxes in nature is an indicator of preserved nature and rich biodiversity. As members of the external expert council of the Life Lynx project for the conservation of lynx population and a familiy that lives on the edge of the forest surrounded by wildlife, we have an insight into their lives and we have decided to share this with you.

What will you learn?

What does it include?

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Available workshops for nature lovers: