Marta Blažević

My wish is to provide a unique experience of nature that you will remember for a long time – biologist and educator Marta Blažević.

About Marta

“Every true passion begins in childhood, mine towards nature started there too”, Marta Blažević is guided by that thought. From her earliest childhood, she spends every free moment in nature. At sea or in the mountains. She has always said she wants to work in nature. She was fascinated by trees and rocks. But also by the unreachable depths of the sea and the adaptations of animals to them.In elementary school, that curiosity led her to the first place in a state competition in biology and participation in the Globe projects. Through high school, Marta Blažević attends summer eco-schools organized by DND Rijeka. The choice of the Faculty of Science in Zagreb and the Department of Biology was quite a natural choice then. She earned a degree in biology, later called masters in biology. During her studies, Marta Blažević volunteered at the Blue World dolphin center in Veli Lošinj. She was convinced her work would involve the sea. 

After her studies, she returned to her native Volosko and instead of a job related to the sea, she found one related to waste management.
Spend an unforgettable day in nature! She moved to Rijeka, had a daughter and dreamed of working in nature. During the parental leave, the opportunity opened up to work as an expert associate for education at the Učka Nature Park. She spent almost seven years there. In the meantime, she bought a land in Gorski Kotar. She built a wooden ecological house in the village of Hrib above the source of the river Kupa. When the daughter was to enroll in the first grade of primary school, the family decided to move to Gorski kotar. For the first three years she worked at the Natural History Museum Rijeka. At the end of 2020, Astra Divina opened its business with its headquarters in Hrib. Astra Divina is a specialized craft for education about the natural heritage of Gorski kotar, as well as about the way of life there.


Scientific education center Višnjan

Participation in the Education Child and Nature

State Institute for Nature Protection

Certificate of successfully completed training "Fundamentals of Interpretation and Education"

Croatian Mountain Rescue Service

Certificate of attending education on safe performance of programs in nature.


Certificate of Attendance

Annual award of the Croatian Museum Society

For the realization of the pedagogical-educational program "Hey, fall in love with the museum"


Acknowledgment for the cooperation on the ATLAS project

Elementary Waldorf School Rijeka

Certificate of participation in lectures and workshops "How to teach through movement, word and senses"

State Institute for Nature Protection

Certificate of successfully completed training of NATURA 2000 species, monitoring of swallows and the common house martin in mountainous Croatia

Elementary Waldorf School Rijeka

Certificate of participation in the lecture Development of twelve senses and work with demanding children

Typhlological Museum Zagreb

Confirmation for participation in the "Museum for All" training

Mate Blažine High School Labin

Certificate of professional development

Gymnasium and Vocational School of Juraj Dobrila Pazin

Certificate of professional development

Republic of Croatia Ministry of Culture

Certificate of professional exam for the museum title of museum pedagogue

Education Agency

Participation in the professional meeting for teachers and leaders of county professional councils in schools of PGŽ.