Dance of the Heart Workshops

Come to nature, release your emotions and dance the Dance of the Heart.

Let the heart take the helm

Through movement, breathing, dancing, and sometimes singing, the wisdom of the body comes to the fore.

Workshops takes place in nature

The heart takes the helm. With its guidance, we dive into the deeply hidden corners of our cells to listen to what they want to tell us. The Dance of the Heart workshops takes place in nature with the purifying power of fire. It is well known that many traumas and fears accumulate in our tissues.

Precious temples of the soul

This, over time, can cause many ailments and diseases. These workshops are designed to turn your consciousness to the body and free it from accumulated emotions. When we let go of what is holding us back and choking us, we can (re)remember ourselves…

… Because our bodies are precious temples of the soul that deserve to be listened to…

The workshops are intended for groups in two sizes. A small group of up to 10 participants. A large group of 11 to 20 participants.
The Dance of the Heart workshop lasts between 2 and 3 hours. This time allows the body to gently but completely reset its balance.

There are two options for this program – a special price group price and an individual one. Contact us to find out more.

What does it include?

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Available workshops for nature lovers: