Embrace yourself

The intuitive Embrace Yourself workshop will allow you to listen to your inner voice and embrace a positive view of the world.

A safe embrace of nature

Looking for a break from the hectic everyday life or simply recharging your batteries in a different way?

You Will Feel Renewed

Try the intuitive workshop Embrace Yourself, allow yourself to listen to your inner voice, respect your true needs and adopt a new and positive view of the world around you. The workshop takes place in the safe embrace of nature, while combining various mindfulness techniques. I adapt the content to you and your personal needs. The workshop takes place under the expert guidance of a certified healing practitioner with almost a decade of work experience. In this workshop, I nurture an individual approach because such an approach will help free yourself from stress and accumulated worries more easily. Trust me, after this workshop, you will feel renewed.

What will you learn?

What does it include?

Due to the specifics of the workshop, it is intended exclusively for adults. It takes place individually or in small groups.

The estimated duration of this program is 3 hours. So much time for myself, priceless!

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