The Wisdom of Plants

From ancient times, plants have enriched human life. They nurture the body and nourish the soul. The Wisdom of Plants is a workshop where we will peek into the wonderful world of plants.

For those who are attracted to botany

This educational workshop is intended for plant lovers and everyone who is attracted to botany. This is a workshop not only about medicinal and wild edible plants but also about poisonous and legally protected ones. Some plants are both poisonous and medicinal, depending on the dose. We will reveal that to you as well. True plant lovers are interested in all plants, so we will reveal to you all the hidden secrets about trees. We will encounter trees that are several hundred years old. Just imagine what they all witnessed. We will also touch on mythology and observe the plant world through the lens of ancient peoples and their customs.

What will you learn?

What does it include?

The program is designed for adults that want to learn more about the biology of plants.

The estimated duration of this workshop is 3 hours.

You can choose to come with friends and get a special price or attend the program individually.

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Preparation: Calendula macerate

Marta Blažević explains how to make macerate from marigold flowers. In the workshop Wisdom of Plants, you will learn more about recipes for wild herbal preparations.

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