The Smile of Forever
5 listopada, 2020
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When The Sun Embraced The Sea

The wind just stopped and gently swept a wave away as the Sun embraced the Sea. Sand storms coming as their feelings cannot be tamed. There is a whole new life awaiting to be unfolded…

They were floating as snowflakes that forgot they had to land eventually. The tempestuous electricity that brought them together struggled to stay undercover as it came right from the most sincere part of their hearts and traveled to all parts of their beings bringing freedom to their souls. Their purpose was clear now, alive like never before. It was obvious in their smiles, in the way they walked, in the things they talked about. The world finally seemed to have a safe place to effortlessly cherish them both.

The Sea wished it could hold its breath enough to return to those moments of comfort and ease. The Sun wished it could cast away the emotions of confusion and loss… They wished they could forget the moment when the only thing that mattered was the endless taste of joy.

The Sun returned to its usual cycle while the Sea dove deep into its darkness.

Life seemed quiet and still as never before.


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