The Dark Inside Can Finally Roam Free
23 rujna, 2020
When The Sun Embraced The Sea
17 listopada, 2020
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The Smile of Forever

A simple smile, a pure contact between two lost souls.

A simple thought caught in the eye of a stranger.

Million miles away but still at the same starting point.

Who would you like to explore?

What kind of taste do the stars have?

I wonder where I would fall the next time a dream pulls me up & over?

Will it be the same sort of sand as the one that I remember?

A smile,

A sign of comfort that we share with each other while travelling through the galaxies.

If you ever feel small, remember that I hold you.

You don’t have to pretend to be someone else,

Just shut your expectations and slide through the Universe of possibilities.

The smile of forever awaits for your wild ideas,

For your simplest expression of true freedom,

For your passion towards existence.

Be brave, my little star.

On your way to eternity,

There might be obstacles, unconscious warriors, steep rocks,

Cold unpleasant paths, terrible nightmares,

Monsters covered with all your fears.

But if you persist on your way,

Dreams will await for you with arms wide open.

Take a look inside your heart,

Peek into your most secret emotions,

Lose your wings,

Grab a bite of what you are capable of.

We, the Essential ones, are here for you

Patiently waiting for you to join us.


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