The Dark Inside Can Finally Roam Free

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11 svibnja, 2020
The Smile of Forever
5 listopada, 2020
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The Dark Inside Can Finally Roam Free

Deep down inside there’s a mysterious hole that holds me stuck into the abyss of my soul. No hope in sight, no one I would invite to join me. I set things straight when I asked them to break the rules. My wish for them to be safe just wasn’t enough to keep the secrets from approaching. Scene after scene, fragments of ancient dreams merge into a new story. I’ve seen rulers, emperors, monsters and saints fall to a scenery that wasn’t originally theirs. Sometimes I pass through the same paths that exist in “reality”. They just have a different taste. Most times I forget about their true nature & vibration but sometimes I remember. Especially when I visit new places. I was travelling alone last night, visited a friend I had connected on a soul level recently. During the day, I found out that I love to roam alone in the dark. No fear present, just neutral existence. My innate floaty energy merges with the thick inert part that was always silent to prevent the world from imploding and sucking everything with it. I’ve been waiting for centuries between dreamlands to be able to express my most sincere desires. I’ve been repeatedly misunderstood, judged, broken, shuttered down for so long that I forgot how to behave around people. Left between Trees to count the branches of my despair. But they heard me and woke me up. Their wisdom I could not ignore. They stand tall and deep between the Moon and the Stars. In the darkest of times, they show me the way to Freedom. In their roots I can shed my tears, in their dead leaves I can find home, in their trunks I can hear the Universe’s pulse. And when the Day finally concedes its place to the Night and the door of Autumn open, the Dark inside, so repressed by never ending imposed rules, can finally roam Free.


  1. Ljuba napisao:

    Welcome dear on new site of life. I love you. This reading is wonderful…how does it descripe all the darkness insights…wau! To come out and release:-)))

  2. Nuša napisao:

    Beautifulllll!!!! <3

  3. Gorana napisao:

    Such beauuutiful immersive poetry of the Soul………… <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


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