Passing Through the Home Of the Wolves

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21 listopada, 2019
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Passing Through the Home Of the Wolves

It has been awhile since I visited the forest where I first met the wolves so I really missed it. Since I left work, it has mostly been all sorts of paperwork and silly documents chasing. Not the kind of stuff I imagined as a finally free person, unchained from the 8 hour work cycle that people pressed upon me for so long. It drew a lot of energy from me and I spent few days on the edge of getting sick. Then I finally went there to see how their home looked like now.

I remember the first time when I entered their forest, it was pure magic. Underneath my feet I could feel how soft the carpet made of moss was and blueberry shrubs strewn all around in such a harmonious way. We made our way through the branches of dense spruce trees and then finally arrived to the high rocks that were surrounding the valley.

This time it was way easier to pass through the doors of trees into the enchanted forest. Most of them were fallen due to unusually strong winds or bark beetles. Firstly, I felt so sad seeing the forest so damaged but then I realized it was a necessary change. Then I noticed so many raspberry and blueberry shrubs growing from every corner and felt so happy for all the animals including wolves who ate them. Our wolf dog, Kinai also loves all sorts of berries and eats them so gently like they were the most precious food ever.

We had to climb over or crawl underneath huge fallen tree trunks, pass by enormous roots that had parts of rocks and stones between them while shiny icicles hang from the tiniest parts all while climbing through the rocky parts of the most remote terrain of the large carnivores. I wondered how their puppies managed such a demanding terrain. I was not so lucky to meet them this time but I enjoyed in the opportunity to be in their home and see what they see, smell what they smell and maybe even feel what they feel.


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