Natural products

The gifts of nature are available to us in abundance, it is only necessary to pay attention to them. And to make it even more fun, every season brings new treasures. Join me in discovering how knowledge of phyto-aromatherapy can improve the health and quality of your life.


After sun gel – excellent, reduces itching and tingling, the redness disappears or significantly reduces during night. Yarrow face cream – extremely gentle texture, hydrates and nurtures the skin, leaving no greasiness on the face, absorbs effectively. Breathing relief balm – we used it with a 3 year old child during cold and cough combining it with a specific honey based product. The balm smoothed the cough and the girl was breathing more easy, especially during the night.


We first used the maleate and balm when our children were ill. After applying they slept like babies and the cold and fever would pass within 2-3 day. It is as well good for the adults. The hand cream makes the hands soft and scented.


The face cream and the eye area gel are very good. Normally I have very sensitive skin, prone to redness and itching rashes, this recipe helps a lot. The balm also helps a lot when my nose is clogged. It reliefs the airways and it is much easier to breath. Sun lotion is excellent as well.


The products I use are very good and efficient made with soul. The balm is very effective and refreshing. We use as well the spray keeping us safe from sting and we always carry it with us when we go to the nature.