If you are looking for a break from the hectic daily life or simply recharging your batteries in a different way, try out the intuitive guidance through nature.
Allow yourself to see the change on your outlook to the world surrounding you and watch it transforming and enriching your life.
The guidance can be done as well by using different techniques like movement meditation, sound therapy and art therapy or land art.


Energy techniques

I have always been interested in healers but for a long time I was convinced that they are simply born with this gift. After I met one amazing healer I realized that this as well a capability that can be learned, just like anything else. This for me meant a huge turnover in perceiving myself and my abilities and led me to a process of facing my shadows and accepting responsibilities for my decisions. During this journey I came across different techniques that helped me improve the quality of all of the areas of my life. 

The wish to share this with others was becoming greater and greater. Thanks to my friends who bravely offered to apply my new knowledge on them, I noticed that I come to the source of the problem effortlessly. With a dose of humor and mutual effort we easily solved what was most important in that moment, from medical difficulties to emotional entanglements. 

With the ongoing personal growth process, I stepped aside from the well known techniques and let myself be lead by my own energy healing style based on the wisdom of the heart.

  • Marta leads gently yet safely. Mastering the technique. She is opened and intuitive which contributes the work. The treatments open consciousness and emotions so the results happen/ feel on a deeper level. Shortly, I was very satisfied and hope to repeat the experience again.
  • Each treatment is a story to itself, a new story lead by intuition and a great trust...from tears to laughter, from past to future....Safety, friendship and a beautiful feeling after each treatment, feeling renewed, more experienced, smarter after resolving the old fears, doubts and deeply stuck emotions.
  • Officially attending only one treatment was enough to be able to describe the whole atmosphere and the way I was taken on, as warmth, safeness, respect and love. To share personal issues with a person like Marta doesn't make a person vulnerable but even more sure in the fact that their problems are worth of respect.
  • Deep trust, support, tenderness and an overall feeling of peace are the feelings I end up with after each treatment with Marta. Purity, honesty and a big responsibility combined by a wish to really use her gifts to help characterize her work. Her biggest value though is that she is not only a „guide“ or a media of support and change, but mostly a curious companion delighted by the opportunity to learn, change and grow together with the person who has given her their trust.
  • There was a lot of anxiety and sadness in my mind before. But with the courage to open up, my soul experienced a great relief. My mind, my thoughts became much more positive. My life is much brighter, filled and I have much more confidence and faith in me.
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