How life lead me to Avagora

After an unexpected event that threw me out of my comfort zone, came an intent to start realizing my dreams without waiting for a seemingly secure future. The decision lead me to a small village Šafari in the heart of Croatian mountain district, Gorski kotar, that my, at the time small, daughter named Avagora.

Love at first sight is an understatement to what I felt when I first stepped on the grounds where today my home is.

On a 700 meter altitude the view extends to the rocky mountains of Slovenia, where in the foothills one of the nicest rivers of this area flows, Kupa. Its source, located in the vicinities of Avagora, and the large part of the surrounding woods belongs to the national park Risnjak. 

Let yourself be captivated by Avagora's beauty, embraced by its wilderness and renewed by its stillness.

Who stands behind Astra Divina

My name is Marta Blažević. I was born in Rijeka and grew up in Opatija. I assume my love for nature occurred in the first months of my life when my parents first took me to the Alps. I have spent my childhood between the sea and the mountains, already then trying to make other people aware of the importance of the nature we live in and its preservation by attending different meetings, workshops and manifestations. After enrolling Faculty of science in Zagreb, I joined the student group "BIUS", especially active in the bat section. Returning to Rijeka brought a variety of work opportunities such as the one in Nature Park Ucka and another in Natural History Museum of Rijeka. These experiences opened a completely unexpected area, for us dipl. eng. in biology, and that is actively working with children. Interacting with them and trying to use my knowledge at most to awaken their curiosity and interest, meant a great, ongoing challenge for me, that I thoroughly enjoy. Curious myself, alongside my full time job, I started to explore different areas such as producing natural cosmetics and healing remedies and applying different energy healing techniques. Lead from the beginnings by an intent to put a smile on faces of the ones I encounter and witnessing the beneficial impact we can have on each other, if only we allow ourselves to.

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