17 listopada, 2020

When The Sun Embraced The Sea

The wind just stopped and gently swept a wave away as the Sun embraced the Sea. Sand storms coming as their feelings cannot be tamed. There […]
5 listopada, 2020

The Smile of Forever

A simple smile, a pure contact between two lost souls. A simple thought caught in the eye of a stranger. Million miles away but still at […]
11 svibnja, 2020

Donia mog života

Donia liči djevojčici sa šibicama. Ima jedanaest godina, tanašna je, ali snažna, samosvjesna i hrabra. Nije ju strah mraka, niti tame i tajne koju skriva šuma. […]
23 rujna, 2020

The Dark Inside Can Finally Roam Free

Deep down inside there’s a mysterious hole that holds me stuck into the abyss of my soul. No hope in sight, no one I would invite […]